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Red Spider Company is an amateur music and drama group which draws its membership from the communities in and around the Devon villages of Lewdown, Lifton and Bratton Clovelly. We enjoy working alongside professionals but also have the satisfaction of successfully producing a number of dramatic events written by our own members. To say we have fun is an understatement (oh no it isn’t, oh yes it is)! If you would like to join Red Spider Company, please click here.

Anew play entitled ‘All The Fine Young Men is currently in production ready to show in Summer 2016. This is a musical play written by Alan Payne and Micheal O’Brien. This play follows the stories of six young men during the period of the First World War 1914-1918. As well as the battlefields of France, the local community will feature prominently within the story: Lewtrenchard Manor and the Forgotten Garden, The Ambrosia Factory in Lifton, Dartmoor and other iconic places. Red Spider Company would like to involve people of all ages from across the community to join us in the making of this production. Whether you are a musician, actor, singer, artist, set designer, film maker, everyone is welcome to be part of this wonderful new production. In addition there will be an exhibition of material from this period to compliment the play, curated by Mary Rolf and we would like to ask everyone for their help to provide valuable material for this exhibition. Do you have any information about this period in history that you would like to share, this may be in the form of photographs, letters, local stories about individuals involved in agriculture, industry, mining, gardening, working for the estates etc. Find out more.

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