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Red Spider Company is an amateur music and drama group which draws its membership from the communities in and around the Devon villages of Lewdown, Lifton and Bratton Clovelly. We enjoy working alongside professionals but also have the satisfaction of successfully producing a number of dramatic events written by our own members. To say we have fun is an understatement (oh no it isn’t, oh yes it is)! If you would like to join Red Spider Company, please click here.

Red Spider is putting on another production at Christmas 2013, 6th & 7th December, at Lewdown Victory Hall. It will be an innovative production led by Suzi Clayton, Jeff Boxall and Cheryl Anderson. There will be music and singing and we would like it to involve everyone who wants to take part. There will be two acts and included in the ticket price will be a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine. It will be based on the idea that some people move into an old property which is an old baronial hall from mediaeval times. They decide to hold a Christmas house warming party and the events that follow focus on their attempts to put together a programme of entertainment for their guests but their preparations do not run smoothly as they try and hold auditions etc. All sorts of would-be entertainers emerge with ideas, some brilliant and some totally unsuitable. There are mishaps, accidents and some unexpected inhabitants of the house who want to play their part as well as the evening party unfolds. Find out more.

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Drama, comedy, farce, sketches, panto, whodunnits and song all form part of the RSC repertoire. The focus is on community entertainment and excellent fun - the bedrocks of AmDram! Read More»

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