Sabine and the Zinging Men: 1999

A series of 6 biographical sketches with linking narrative and songs, which tell the story of how Baring-Gould went about the business of collecting folk songs. Researched and written by Ron Wawman, this production drew on Baring-Gould’s own humorous anecdotes, his compassionate observations of the old singing men and his collection of songs.

Annual Lew Trenchard Heritage Walk: 1998 & 1999

For 2 years running, selected sketches drawn from ‘Sabine and the Zinging Men’ and ‘Reminiscences’ have been performed, outdoors in all weathers, by junior and adult members of the Company at this popular annual heritage walk. Folk songs have also been sung by the Red Spider Singers. (‘Reminiscences’ is another play by a member which has yet to be performed in its entirety and which draws on events in the life of Sabine Baring-Gould to highlight aspects of his character as well as his achievements).

Red Spider: 1997 & 1998

This professionally written adaptation by Tim Laycock of the novel by Baring-Gould was produced at Lewdown by Wren Trust as a spectacular community play directed by Tim Laycock, and with music directed by Paul Wilson. It was so successful that popular demand led to a re-run at Bratton Clovelly in 1998.

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