Murdered to Death at Lewdown Victory Hall

 Red Spider will perform Murdered to Death at Lewdown Victory Hall on the 25th26th and 27th of June. Murdered to Death is a who-dunnit spoof written by Peter Gordon.


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October 2014




Red Spider is pleased that to announce a small profit was made on this venture. Frances Girling is intending to write a column about the whole Jerusalem experience for the Lewdown Link, no doubt it will be an interesting read. The committee heartily congratulates both Frances and Caroline Stuart on their wonderful work to organise this very successful event. Indeed, so successful was this production that the Red Spider Company has been contacted with regard to a second outdoor venture. ‘Remarkable Frost’ to be performed some time between the 9th and 26th September 2015, possibly in Bratton Clovelly village hall. This touring production is being produced by a colleague (Finn?) whom Frances met whilst working on Jerusalem. It is on a smaller scale than Jerusalem but the company would like to work with Red Spider to promote and host one of their performances.


Red Spider Company Committee

It is with great regret that the Red Spider committee had to accept Pam Ingham’s resignation from the post of Secretary in August. She was a great member of the committee and will be very much missed.

Unfortunately, we must also say goodbye to Damon Salvatore on the committee as he is off to live and study in Bristol. We wish him well in his new endeavours.

We welcome on board two new members. Dee Nicholds, who has worked behind the scenes on our latest productions, and has agreed to become the new secretary. And Ashley Rowland, an enthusiastic young man who has so far worked behind the scenes on our productions, but may well be persuaded to become an actor in Red Spider’s future productions.


Play Readings

Our first post summer play reading club night went well with a very satisfying turnout. We thank Gill Squires for her fine hospitality. The next play reading will be at the Blue Lion, Lewdown on Tuesday 21st October at 7.30pm. The Blue Lion is in new hands and has been undergoing many improvements. We hope to see very many of you there for the club night.


Next Production – RSC Party        

Instead of a production in the run up to Christmas, the Red Spider committee have decided to organise a murder mystery evening on Friday 5th December. There will be a choice of meat and vegetarian hot-pots with baked potatoes and piles of yummy mince pies. You can bring your own bottle, but there will also be mulled cider available.

The cost will be £10 per person. Please let us know by Friday 28th November if you wish to attend, send notification of your meal preferences (and cheques for the full amount made payable to ‘Red Spider Company’) to: 2 Chestnut Terrace, Lamerton, Tavistock PL19 8RL. Tel: 07822 612796.


Spring Production

Red Spider hope to put on a production of two back-to-back plays, with a fish and chip supper between, in late March. We will confirm the plays chosen very soon and look forward to plenty of you coming forward for parts. They will both be comedic farces to lighten the tail end of winter with laughter.


Facebook Page

Red Spider Company has a Facebook page: Red Spider Company. Search it out. We can put urgent messages on the site, the latest news, photos and other information, including good old-fashioned gossip. It’s an open site, so feel free to ask us questions and put up your own posts.

Nick Watkinson, our web wizard, created the site, so all thanks to him. He also manages the website for Red Spider.


Red Spider Website

Please look to the website for regular news, photographs and reviews of our performances and updates on future events, and do encourage everyone you know who might be interested to visit the site also. Who knows? They might be enthused enough to join!



Remember that Suzanne Clayton is still in charge of membership. If you know someone who would like to join the Red Spider Company please contact her.


Chairman:        Frances Girling –

Vice-Chair:      Rosa Watkinson –

Treasurer:      Suzanne Clayton –

Secretary:       Dee Nicholds –

Committee Members: Jeff Boxall –

Amanda Greenhalgh –

Ashley Rowland –

Gill Squires –

Red Spider Company Play Reading

Red Spider is meeting at the Lifton Hall Hotel on Wednesday 11 June for a play reading. Be sure to bring your best voices, there’ll be plenty of parts to go around.

Coombe Trenchard Home and Garden Event

At Coombe Trenchard, Caroline and Frances were hard at work drumming up interest in Red Spider’s latest collaboration with The Common Players and Exeter Northcott Theatre.

Jerusalem will be at Coombe Trenchard on the 21st of June, and we’d love to have you join us.

Red Spider & Northcott Theatre: Jerusalem 27th May – 28th June 2014


f you didn’t you will now know that we (RSC) are hosting Jerusalem at Coombe Trenchard on June 21st. I am writing to ask for your help as active Spiders.


We need between 10 and 12 persons to help with marshalling. This will cover, car parking, seating control, tickets and general bodies to help with the audience. Then making sure the site is clear at the end. There are complimentary tickets for all those helping (not that we would have expected you to pay anyway).

We intend to open the gates @ 5pm and hopefully the site will be cleared by midnight if not before. The timing of the play is not sure yet, but “curtain up” is 8 pm.

We have stalls, food, bar and a few extras, so help beforehand will be much appreciated. It will be a long day!

Please can you register with me ASAP if you are willing to help (for all or part of the time) and let me know if any of you are a registered first aider as we could do with another person.


Many thanks in anticipation



Northcott Theatre & Red Spider Jerusalem

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