A Twist In The Tales: November 2010

True to its long tradition, Red Spider Company’s production at the Lewdown Victory Hall in autumn 20o9 broke new ground. This time by the introduction of a sizeable all female cast in one of the three short plays on offer – Dangerous Afternoon.

The Relaxation Class was a delightful one act play written by our Red Spider Company’s own Mike Ingham. The opening play, The Interrogation saw Alan Payne and Bill Stuart locked in a verbal duel.

Sadly the Company played to the smallest audiences the Spiders have ever had. We blame Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor.

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Loves a Luxury: Spring 2009

In 1959 a farce called Love’s A Luxury, by Paxton and Hoile, was staged in the newly built Lewdown Victory Hall. After 50 years the hall was the venue for a brand new production of this same hilarious play performed as the grand finale to the Hall’s Golden anniversary celebrations. And didn’t we do the Hall proud! This was a first for the Spiders in more ways than one.

Their first production under the direction of veteran Spider, Bill Stuart, their first three act play and, most significantly, their first farce. From the moment the curtain went up on an impressive set we were treated to a finely polished performance.

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Wind In The Willows: January 2008

Red Spider Company could have been forgiven for resting on its laurels after Like A Buoy but, instead, not only did it take up the challenge of staging its first ever full-length production without a professional director, but it also made it’s very first move into the genre of Christmas entertainment. We were treated to a real pantomime horse and a delightfully seductive villain to hiss and boo – but this was not pantomime; no, the delights of this superb dramatisation, by Steve Eaton Evans, of Kenneth Graham’s Wind in the Willows were altogether more gentle and subtle.

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Like A Buoy: March 2007

Directed by Anthony Richards, with music under the direction of Alan Boxer and a company of around one hundred, this dramatisation of the life of Lew Trenchard’s famous squarson, Sabine Baring-Gould, researched and written by Ron Wawman, was undoubtedly the biggest and most ambitious of the three community staged so far by Red Spider Company and a fitting celebration of its first 10 years.

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Mine’s A Double: June 2006

Alan Ayckbourn is a Red Spider favourite so what more natural than a double bill presenting two of his subtly amusing one act comedies, ‘Between Mouthfuls’ and ‘Gosforth Fete’. These were two very different plays but each displaying both humour and pathos. Both were challenging in very different ways, both introduced fresh faces and both delivered the goods.

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