The Web: August 2012

Chairman’s Chat
Welcome to …what should I call it, let’s say end of summer season newsletter. I do hope you have managed to catch some sun. The committee are hard at work on a programme for the next few months, so please take a good look at the Web as there is a lot in there!

Unfortunately for reasons beyond our control we have had to cancel the makeup party which we had hoped to reschedule to October 13th. We plan to do something bigger and better in the New Year.

Gill White has decided that she can no longer continue as Minute Secretary to the committee. We are sad to lose her, she has been on the committee for eight years and our thanks go to her for all her support over the years.

Bill and Caroline have moved at last and we wish them well in their new home.

Our best wishes also to Anne Ayre for a speedy recovery, as she has been unwell recently.

We are now gearing up to the next production.  We are pleased to announce that we have a complete cast which includes new and old members.

If you have not recently supported us with set design and construction  or any other front or backstage jobs, and would like to do so, please get in touch.

Our next production “Uninvited”
“Uninvited” by Tim Kelly is a play adapted from a ghost story written by Dorothy Macardle. The play is full of mystery and thrilling moments. Pam Fitzgerald and her brother Roddy, seeking peace and quiet to write a play, find Cliff End, an empty house called in the west country that overlooks the Irish Sea. The purchase it from Commander Brooke, a crusty old man, for a suspiciously low price. It turns out that fifteen years earlier a murder is said to have occurred by the tree that can be seen from the windows.

Over time the Fitzgeralds sense an evil spirit inhabits the house. It announces its presence with sudden, bone-chilling cold. Lizzie Flynn, their housekeeper, has a cat that fears the nursery and a woman’s weeping is sometimes heard coming through the door along with the scent of mimosa. Dr Scott, Mrs Jessup, the local gossip, and Miss Holloway, a former governess, visit and tell strange stories about the beautiful Mary Meredith the Commander’s daughter and her artist husband and Carmel who modelled him. His final painting of this striking but unstable woman led to her destruction. It seems Stella, the Commander’s granddaughter holds the key to the true events of fifteen years ago.

Together with their friends, the actress Wendy, the painter Max and Dr Scott, Pam and Roddy hold a séance at Cliff End. Secrets are forced out into the open and the ghost, the “Uninvited”, is discovered to be both very real and horribly dangerous.

The performances will be from Thursday 22nd till Saturday 24th of November at the Victory Hall, Lewdown. Larry Girling is the director.

“Uninvited”: the Programme
We cordially invite all those with artistic and creative leanings to put in designs for the front cover of the programme for ‘Uninvited’. Could all designs please be sent to Rosa Watkinson by 30th September at the latest.

Red Spider Christmas Meal
Our next Christmas Meal will be held at Cowslip, Newhouse Farm,   St. Stephens Launceston Cornwall PL15 8JX on Friday 30th November at 7.00pm(?). Would you please bring your own preferred alcoholic drinks to have with the meal, Cowslip can only provide soft drinks. However, coffee and tea are included.

The menu can be found by clicking here.

Please send your menu choices with a cheque for the full amount to Alison Crawford (Barn House, Heale, Launceston PL15 9QX) no later than Friday 16th November.

Play Readings
There will be no more play readings until the New Year.

Red Spider Website
We hope you have all had a look at the new Red Spider Company website. It does look marvellous doesn’t it? Do encourage everyone you know who might be interested to visit the site. Who knows? They might be interested and enthused enough to join!

Red Spider Youth Group
Jeff Boxhall will be running a youth arm of the Red Spider Company known as Children’s Theatre. It will begin in the New Year so watch out for the Web to find out the dates for that. Sessions shall be run with the help of other members of Red Spider and of a rota of interested parents, with the aim of putting on a production in early April. All those who know of children who might be interested please get in contact with Jeff.

Remember that Suzanne Clayton is still in charge of membership. If there are any of you out there that would like to join or if you know someone who would like to join the Red Spider Company please contact her.

Chairman: Frances Girling –
Treasurer:  Suzanne Clayton –
Secretary: Pam Ingham –

Committee Members:
Jeff Boxall –
Maureen Cooke –
Alison Crawford –
Gill Squires –
Rosa Watkinson –

We wish you all the best and some sunshine from The Red Spider Company.

The Web: June 2012

Casting Day for ‘Uninvited’
Sunday 22nd July to Victory Hall, Lewdown, from 4pm to 6pm

Please come come along if you are interested in trying out for the play ‘Uninvited’. Larry will be emailing list of the cast with descriptions of the various parts and will want expressions of interest before the auditions. The “Uninvited” by Dorothy Macardle, is a ghost story and mystery play. The performances will be from Thursday 22nd till Saturday 24th of November at the Victory Hall, Lewdown, Larry Girling will Direct.

Play Reading
Tuesday 10th July, at 7.30pm, location to be confirmed

The next important date for your diaries is the play reading on Tuesday 10th July, at 7.30pm. Location to be confirmed, hopefully this will be at the home of the ever hospitable Gill Squires. Everyone is welcome.

A Make-up Party
Saturday 8th September from 3pm onwards, hosted by Larry and Frances Girling

The Red Spider Company is going to hold another Make Up Party on Saturday 8th September from 3pm onwards. (Please note the change of date from the last Web, my apologies). An opportunity to learn the art of theatre make-up and enjoy a barbeque. Again Larry and Frances Girling have offered to host this event. All comers please note this will be a ‘bring & share’ food and drink event (the meat, however, will be provided). The last such gathering was great fun and we actually learnt quite a few useful techniques too! Please contact Larry and Frances Girling if you plan to attend.

Red Spider Website
The new Red Spider Company website is up and running! Hurrah! It looks marvellous. Anyone who is interested in contributing please send photos, reminiscences, reviews and anything else they think might be of interest, to Rees Kenyon. We are very keen to get more content.

Red Spider Youth Group
Jeff Boxhall is also interested in running a youth arm of the Red Spider Company. As soon as our next production is finished in November, he will begin sessions with the help of other members of Red Spider and of a rota of interested parents, with the aim of putting on a production in early April. All those who know of children who might be interested please get in contact with Jeff.

Remember that Suzanne Clayton is still in charge of membership. If there are any of you out there that would like to join or if you know someone who would like to join, the Red Spider Company please contact her.

We wish you all the best from The Red Spider Company.

Chairman: Frances Girling
Treasurer: Suzie Clayton
Secretary: Jill White

Pam Ingham
Jeff Boxall
Maureen Cooke
Rosa Watkinson
Alison Crawford
Gill Squires

The Web: Winter 2011

A Note from Mike Ingham (former Chairman):

Dear Spiders & Friends:

To be fair, the dress Mike is wearing was donned for his magnificent performance in Cinderella. Ed.

Well, we’ve finally cast the Pantomime after a few drop outs, for various reasons and circumstances beyond actor’s controls. Having said that, we do still have a couple of minor roles to cast, but all the main parts are now taken and rehearsals are well under way.

I do have to draw everyone’s attention to the fact that three of our spiders have not been too well, so I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of myself, the committee and the rest of the members to wish speedy recoveries to all three. Firstly, Margaret Wawman has been in the wars with an undiagnosed broken hip bone. This must have been very painful, having gone so long without treatment. We all wish you well Margaret and hope for you, a speedy recovery. Gill Taylor was taken into Hospital to have her appendix removed, after which she’s not been very well, but will hopefully back to fitness as soon as possible. Best wishes Gill. Finally, when trying to cast the Pantomime I had tried in vain to get hold of Richard Weare. When Richard did answer my call it was from his Hospital bed! Apparently Richard has had major surgery and will not be around for a few months? We miss you Richard and look forward to when you will again be available for an active role within the company. Get well soon!

I think that’s all the news I have at the moment, apart from what is detailed below. So if I don’t hear or see you before then, I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

Mike Ingham
(Former Chairman)

Future Events:

To be performed in the Bratton Clovelly Parish Hall on February 9th, 10th & 11th 2012.

Narrator One:
Narrator Two:
Baroness Harddup:
Adele Harddup:
Grace Harddup:
The Town Crier:
The Chancellor:
Fairy Grandmother:
The King:
The Queen:
Prince Charming:
Assistant Director:
Stage Manager:
Gill Squires
Diane Porter
Mike Ingham
Rosa Watkinson
Mandy Kenyon
Cheryl Anderson
Maureen Cooke
Rebekah Horton
Roy Stacey
Jeff Boxall
A.N. Other
Pam Ingham
Larry Girling
Frances Girling
Nick Watkinson
A.N. Other
Susanne Clayton
Amanda Greenhalgh
Alison Crawford
Jean Greenhalgh

Milton Abbot Players:
The above company are performing a Ray Cooney Farce, “It runs in the Family” on November 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th. Caroline tells me that she has booked for Friday and that if you would like to join her and Billthey will try and put all spiders together, if you ring and tell them who you are?
The numbers to ring are: 01822 870289 or 01822 870319

The recent workshops on “Lighting” and “Make-Up” were very well attended and were very entertaining. Larry Girling took away a little bit of the mystery of lighting with his simple approach and one or two spiders expressed an interest in assisting on the next production? Though I think we were all unanimous in expressing a lack of confidence in taking full control!!
Our second workshop by Simon Tytherleigh was also very informative and most attendee’s would like further workshops from Simon. Some of us were made up to look older, but unfortunately, Simon couldn’t work miracles and make us all look years younger!! Those that missed this opportunity to watch a professional make-up artist at work, missed a great deal. Hopefully, you can make yourselves available for the next one?

Club Nights:
Once again the club nights have been shelved, whilst we are in rehearsal. Christmas will be on is in no time and then in the New Year, rehearsals will again take priority. Our next Club Night therefore will be on Tuesday March 12th 2012, the venue to be decided..

Annual general Meeting:
Tuesday 17th January 2012 @ the Lewdown Cricket Pavilion.

Red Spider Website:
Due to more important responsibilities, after so long in charge of the Red Spider Company Website, Ron Wawman is standing down as its Editor. An appropriate time for Ron to step down will be in May 2012, when the Red Spider domain name is up for renewal? At the same time, Tim Wawman will also stand down from his duties maintaining the Web-site. However, it would be good if we could have replacements on hand in readiness for voting at the AGM, with a view to taking over in May. We are therefore looking for someone to take over these duties. If you think you would like to take on either or both of these roles, please let me or any member of the committee know. The Web-site is an important link to the membership and a great advertisement for past and present productions.

Note from the web designer. As an on-and-off member of RSC, I was proudly invited to design this new website. Okay, that’s my performance over… it’s in the capable hands of the RSC editorial team now (whoever they are). Rees Kenyon.

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