‘All The Fine Young Men’ Summer 2016 Production

Red Spider Company is putting on another production 

‘All The Fine Young Men’ is a musical play written by Alan Payne and Michael O’Brien due for production in the summer of 2016. This play follows the stories of six young men during the period of the First World War 1914-1918. As well as the battlefields of France, the local community features prominently in the story: Lewtrenchard Manor and the Forgotten Garden, the Ambrosia Factory in Lifton and Dartmoor. Alan and Mike together with members of the RSC committee are preparing an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund, First World War: then and now scheme for funding, for what we hope will be a heritage legacy project that will involve people of all ages from across the community. Musicians, singers, actors, production team members, programme and set design, filming – everyone is welcome. In addition there will be an exhibition of material from this period to compliment the play, curated by Mary Rolf. We plan to launch the project on Friday 6 November at Coombetrenchard (further details to follow). With this date in mind we would like to ask for help from our members and our local community. Do you have any information about this period in history that you would be willing to share with us? This might be in the form of photographs, letters, local stories about individuals involved in agriculture, industry, mining, gardening, working for the estates in the area etc. If members of RSC have contacts in the media (radio, TV, the press) who they think would be interested in covering the launch or being involved in the project then please do contact us.


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