ALL THE FINE YOUNG MEN – Dispatches from the Front No5


So much has been going on since mid April that we have hardly had time to look to our communications.   We now have completed the team for mid July (13-16th – PSST don’t say a word to anyone about this!) and our paymasters have ensured that we have the necessary resources to complete our preparations in good order.   Thank you Heritage Lottery Fund!


The training grounds, otherwise known as rehearsal rooms are busy and the people involved are beginning to know what will be required of them!   It is proving to be hard work, but morale is high and we are looking forward to the time not so far distant when we shall be going into action.


Research on details such as military uniforms, the realities of trench warfare, and interesting local details of the impact of the war in West Devon are all providing us with extra material for inclusion in our commemorative project.   Work with the schools is gathering momentum and we are excited about the way in which everyone is joining in and adding their contributions to what is likely to be a Summer of considerable activity.


There is still time for anyone who would like to be associated with our various projects in any way to get in touch with Red Spider and join the troops already under training.   We have a new website on which we shall be posting additional information and updates in the days and weeks ahead.   We are confident that it will prove more reliable and rapid as a means of communication than carrier pigeon would have been!


In the coming weeks we will also be giving details of other activities in which your participation would be greatly appreciated and we hope that as we near the fateful month of July, we will be supported by a growing number of patriotic citizens who would like to join us in our various activities and especially come and see our presentation of All the Fine Young Men.


May 2016




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