Red Spider & Northcott Theatre: Jerusalem 27th May – 28th June 2014


f you didn’t you will now know that we (RSC) are hosting Jerusalem at Coombe Trenchard on June 21st. I am writing to ask for your help as active Spiders.


We need between 10 and 12 persons to help with marshalling. This will cover, car parking, seating control, tickets and general bodies to help with the audience. Then making sure the site is clear at the end. There are complimentary tickets for all those helping (not that we would have expected you to pay anyway).

We intend to open the gates @ 5pm and hopefully the site will be cleared by midnight if not before. The timing of the play is not sure yet, but “curtain up” is 8 pm.

We have stalls, food, bar and a few extras, so help beforehand will be much appreciated. It will be a long day!

Please can you register with me ASAP if you are willing to help (for all or part of the time) and let me know if any of you are a registered first aider as we could do with another person.


Many thanks in anticipation



Northcott Theatre & Red Spider Jerusalem

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