The Univited – Red Spider Needs YOU!

Larry Girling says he has (almost) cast our next production. He is still looking for a male actor (25-30 or looks it!) to play one of the lead roles. Any suggestions, contact Larry by clicking here.

Larry adds that it was a very difficult decision he had to make after the casting reading. With some of the roles, he was spoilt for choice. However, the cast is:

Stella Meredith – Rebekah Horton
Pamela Fitzgerald – Gill Taylor
Commander Brooke – David Watkins
Lizzie Flynn – Pam Ingham
Mrs Jessup – Diane Porter
Wendy – Rosa Watkinson
Max Hilliard – Keith Rattray
Dr Scott – Richard Ayre
Miss Holloway – Maureen Cooke
The Uninvited – Gill Squires

When the rehearsal schedule is finalised, it will be publicised on our website and you will be very welcome to come along and watch. But bear in mind, if you do you may be coerced to work on the production behind the scenes!

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