The Web: June 2012

Casting Day for ‘Uninvited’
Sunday 22nd July to Victory Hall, Lewdown, from 4pm to 6pm

Please come come along if you are interested in trying out for the play ‘Uninvited’. Larry will be emailing list of the cast with descriptions of the various parts and will want expressions of interest before the auditions. The “Uninvited” by Dorothy Macardle, is a ghost story and mystery play. The performances will be from Thursday 22nd till Saturday 24th of November at the Victory Hall, Lewdown, Larry Girling will Direct.

Play Reading
Tuesday 10th July, at 7.30pm, location to be confirmed

The next important date for your diaries is the play reading on Tuesday 10th July, at 7.30pm. Location to be confirmed, hopefully this will be at the home of the ever hospitable Gill Squires. Everyone is welcome.

A Make-up Party
Saturday 8th September from 3pm onwards, hosted by Larry and Frances Girling

The Red Spider Company is going to hold another Make Up Party on Saturday 8th September from 3pm onwards. (Please note the change of date from the last Web, my apologies). An opportunity to learn the art of theatre make-up and enjoy a barbeque. Again Larry and Frances Girling have offered to host this event. All comers please note this will be a ‘bring & share’ food and drink event (the meat, however, will be provided). The last such gathering was great fun and we actually learnt quite a few useful techniques too! Please contact Larry and Frances Girling if you plan to attend.

Red Spider Website
The new Red Spider Company website is up and running! Hurrah! It looks marvellous. Anyone who is interested in contributing please send photos, reminiscences, reviews and anything else they think might be of interest, to Rees Kenyon. We are very keen to get more content.

Red Spider Youth Group
Jeff Boxhall is also interested in running a youth arm of the Red Spider Company. As soon as our next production is finished in November, he will begin sessions with the help of other members of Red Spider and of a rota of interested parents, with the aim of putting on a production in early April. All those who know of children who might be interested please get in contact with Jeff.

Remember that Suzanne Clayton is still in charge of membership. If there are any of you out there that would like to join or if you know someone who would like to join, the Red Spider Company please contact her.

We wish you all the best from The Red Spider Company.

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