Said the Spider: Spring 2002

This revue was another new departure for Red Spider Company. Coming, as it did, just as the community was beginning to recover from a dreadful year, the humour was very well received by a capacity audience in the Victory Hall. All the sketches and some of the songs had been written by Alan Payne, Mike Ingham and Ron Wawman. There were many fine cameo performances but we will long remember Pam and Mike Ingham as two disreputable cleaners while Roy Stacey and Albert Spry were inept guides on the West Devon Drive. This was a red letter day for the Red Spider Singers who celebrated their independence by singing their socks off for their new musical director, Paul Kemeny. Other musical relief from dialogue was provided by the B&Q duo of Barry Albrighton and Quentin des Clayes as well as Bobby Vindennes who nobly accompanied several of the solo singers.

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