The Web: July 2013

A Message from our Chairwoman

Dear Spiders,
Well what can I say, after some concerns about “bums on seats” the two one act plays we put on in June turned out to be a great success. We played to capacity houses on Friday and Saturday and our Thursday audience was a good turnout. The fish and chip supper met with unanimous approval, so it looks as if this could be a regular addition to our repertoire.

However, although this amounted to a good profit for us, because of the cancellation of the Uninvited and therefore no production earlier in the year, our funds are not dire, but in need of a boost. To this end we are planning a Christmas offering, please see elsewhere in the WEB.

We are pleased to announce however, that the Uninvited can now go ahead as two fantastic young people have come forward to take the appropriate parts.

If there is anyone out there who would like to help in any capacity, who has not done so in the past please let me know.

Finally our “in house” playwright is hard at work on another production for us so our next year’s line-up is well into the planning stage, look out for further announcements.

We are also planning a trip to TR2 in the Autumn to see their back stage facilities so please look out for more information on this.

In the mean time, I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful weather, to think that this time last year we were sloshing around ankle deep in mud at Abigail’s wedding!

‘None the Wiser’ and ‘Wife Required’
As our Chairman mentioned, our back to back comedic performances were a great success with all our audiences. The Fish&Chip supper was met with relish, as before, so it is with great certainty we know that two short performances sandwiching a meal is a winning combination. We have had some exceedingly good feedback from audience members, some preferring one comedy, some the other. It is good that we seem to have provided something for every taste.

We raised a decent amount of revenue from the three evenings of performances and so we will be able to send a good sized donation to St Luke’s Hospice in memory of Jack Hayer.

Red Spider’s Next Production
We will be staging our next production at the end of November/beginning of December this year (dates to be confirmed). A Christmas themed revue of sketches, songs and other seasonal jollities. There will be mulled wine and mince pies. Suzanne Clayton is running this production so if you have a wish to help in any way, front or back of stage, please contact her via her email below.

Play Readings The Red Spider club nights will begin again on the second Wednesday night of each month beginning on September 11th at the Lifton Hall Hotel, Fore Street, Lifton. This will, we hope, be a permanent venue for the play readings as the room is free for our use. Members can buy what they wish to drink from the bar and there is good accessibility and plenty of parking. We look forward to seeing as many as possible there with a mind to our Christmas performance.

Red Spider Summer Dinner
The Summer dinner went very well indeed. The Bearslake Inn was a fine location and there was a good turnout. Musical entertainment was provided by Jeff and Cheryl, amusing sketches were provided by Alan and Bill. It was a very enjoyable evening.

Red Spider Youth Group
Unfortunately, the turnout of children for the Red Spider youth arm has been rather disappointing. We need at least eight members to make a go of it. If you or a child you know of would be interested in joining in, please contact Jeff via his email below.

New Members
Further to which, the Red Spider Company as a whole still urgently needs more new members, especially in the 20 to 40 age bracket. Please, please everyone out there try to recruit or lure anyone of this age group that you know of into our ‘spider web’.

Red Spider Website
Please look to the website for regular news, photographs and reviews of our performances and updates on future events, and do encourage everyone you know who might be interested to visit the site also. Who knows? They might be interested and enthused enough to join!

Remember that Suzanne Clayton is still in charge of membership. If there are any of you out there that would like to join or if you know someone who would like to join the Red Spider Company please contact her.

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